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Yoga & Meditation classes may help manage Depression, Anxiety,  high levels of stress, restore fitness & flexibility. Also working toward a healthier & stronger Mind & Body. Other conditions it may assist Lowering Blood pressure, reduce back & neck pain & so much more. Our classes may be suitable from ages 18 all the way up to seniors. 

Class run per term during school terms

We are here to help! 

Vinyasa Yoga Flow


Vinyasa yoga is an active, flowing yoga class proven to improve strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. This class will be sure to get your heart rate up and make you sweat!

6:40pm Mondays

9:40am Tuesdays 

8pm Thursdays 

8:30am Sundays

Intensity +++

Relaxation  ++ 

Beginners Welcome 

Yoga Core


The core is a crucial structure and point of energy that provides support to the entire body. Core yoga is a Hatha style practice with a focus on building strength, stability, and control through the body’s core.

Tuesday 7pm 

Wednesday 6:40pm


Relaxation  +

Beginners welcome 

Vin to Yin Yoga


Vin to Yin Yoga also referred to as Yin Yang Yoga is a yoga sequence that combines Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Vinyasa portion warms the body up and rids your body of excess Prana, or energy. Yin Yoga relaxes and lengthen Connective Tissues during the Yin Yoga portion. It is a great combination.

Props may also be used in this class to add deep muscle release.

Tuesdays 8pm 

Thursday 9.40am 

Saturdays 8am 

Intensity +++

Relaxation  ++

Beginners welcome

Restorative Yoga


Its a gentle, therapeutic style of yoga that uses props to fully support the body to deepen the benefits of the postures. It is soothing and nurturing practice that promotes the effects of conscious relaxation.

Plus enjoy a guided Sound Meditation practice with Crystal Quartz & Tibetan Sining Bowls

Wednesdays 8pm 

Intensity +

Relaxation  ++++++ 

Beginners welcome 



Suffered high levels of stress, depressions, racing mind, negative thoughts, sleeping or anger issues or just find it hard to relax

Learn: Easy breath & yogic meditation techniques to help you relax instantly.
Learn the Twin Hearts Meditation that is practiced weekly in our popular Meditation group.
Plus enjoy a guided Sound Meditation practice with Crystal Quartz & Tibetan Sining Bowls

These classes are offered on 

Mondays 8pm 

Tuesdays 7pm 

Intensity +

Relaxation  ++++++

Beginners welcome 

Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga & Preparation for Birth is a priceless gift you can gift yourself. 

Classes can be enjoyed from anytime from 8 weeks during Pregnancy & or all the way up to your due date or beyond. 

Prenatal Yoga is designed to help support, relax the body, mind & emotions.

Thursday 6.40pm  5 week course see Prenatal even page below. 

Beginner Welcome