Healthy Plant Based Yummy Food made in house by our qualifed Chef here in Taylors Hill. 

Helping you create some amazing dishes easily and quickly.

What do you feel like? 



Pulled Jackfruit for fillings 

Chil Bean Corn Carne 



Diary Free Cheeses 



Plant Based Organic Gluten Free Pizza Bases

Mince to make meatless tasty plant based Meat Balls.

Napoli Sauce 

Lentil Bolagnese

Pulled Jack fruit topping for Pizza (Meat substitute)


Diary Free Cheeses

Pasta & Gnocchi available 



Burger Patties 

Dairy Free Cheese

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit 

Gluten Free Toasties great for Burger Bun Alternatives 



Sweet Potato Dhal Curry 

Roast Pumpkin Dhal Curry 


Curry Sprinkles 

How to order?

Order online below now or see us at reception after your class & pick up!

Fridays Open to the Public from 3pm to 7:30pm

Just arrive to the red main door! No need to preorder just drop in Fridays if your not a member of our Yoga & Meditation Classes or coming in for a treatment! 

See you soon! 


You may not receive this era however 

If you receive a era message at the check out simply email us 

and we will place the order for you or see Damian after your next class. The system is going through some upgrades & it may interrupt ordering temporarily. 

Sorry in advance.  You can also simply check out the fridge after class and purchase/ pick up after your class or treatment

All options are kept frozen and can keep in your freezer for up to 2 years.

Once thawed consume with in 3 days. 

Reheating Instructions 

You can Reheat street from Frozen in the heat proof bag takes max up to 20 minutes.  In the mean time you can be getting your other ingredients ready.