Plant Based Sides, Toppings & Fillings!

the Vegan and plant based movement is growing at an exceptional pace. 

Since 2008 there has been a 300% increase in the public turning to Vegan or requiring a Gluten, Dairy free and meat free option for health reason. 

 We believe in providing Restaurants in the North/ West of Melbourne the opportunity to tap into this market with minimal effort, low cost & low risk!

How does it work?

Damian a qualified Chef part owner of our Taylors Hill Eats and our Yoga studio preps, cooks, cools down the below options for restaurants and seals individual serving sizes.

We supply the sides, toppings, fillings you can turn into many dishes full VEGAN options for your customer on the menu or specials board.

Grab new customers and retain converted clients with this no fuss, no mess option to providing Vegan, Alternative plant base meals by introducing new options. To continue drive customers in to your restaurants.

Please note: may contain nuts or traces of nuts.

Simply get your chefs to pull them out of the freezer and place into any pot of boiling water for 10-15 minutes to reheat in your busy kitchen.

Comes in single serves to reduce waste.

Simply add your other condiments/ dishes to make it a VEGAN friendly Alternative.

Great to add to you menu and special boards.  

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit


BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Is amazing &  just as good as Pulled Pork.

It can be used in any of these dishes and more. 

Burgers, Tacos, Wraps, on top of Vegan Gnocchi,  Pastas & many other options 

180g single serve 

Vegan/Plant Based Lasagne


Omg our clients in our studio love this one, & our Chidden, Vegetables so finely cut they don't even notice there eating. My wife does not like Mushrooms however eats this dish because you don't even notice there in there. 

Single serve Vacuum sealed packs 

 main size 350g


Vegan/ Plant Burger patties


Compete with surrounding restaurant and takeaway now offering Vegan/ Plant Based Patties.

Design an amazing Vegan Burger using or Patties & our  Vegan Cheddar Cheese.

Nuts , Beans and Beets burgers 

1 serve 160g


4 pack 160g each  

Plant Based Alternative Bolognese


This is a hit with the kids & adults alike & can be used with all types of pastas.

225g serve (single serve) topping only 

Chilli Bean Con Carne (Plant Based)


Well balanced with herbs & spices & can be used as a variety of Mexican dishes such as Tacos, Nachos & Con Carne.

225g serve (single serve) topping only 

Vegan Cheddar


Free from Dairy/Gluten/Soya/Lactose/Palm Oil

200g cheddar flavour blocks 

Also available Vegan 200g




$350 Minimum order from anything from the list that's around 52+  single serves lasts  up to 2 years in the Freezer! 

For full price list & order forms 

contact Chef Damian from Taylors Hill Eats 

This is direct to Damian our Chef at Taylors HIll Eats part of Taylors Hill Natural Therapies & Yoga

Invoice will be raised. Once full payment is received your order will be delivered straight to your door 7 days from receiving payment.  

Free delivery for business within 15kms from

Taylors Hill! 

$69 freight charge for businesses outside 15kms!

We have a current Melton Council Permit to operate.

Class 2 Food level.