Welcome, expecting your first baby & or coming back to improve the next experience? Be fit, Healthy

Why Prenatal Yoga? 

It is a safe fitness activity that helps you physically, mentally & emotionally, you are trained by a highly qualified prenatal yoga teacher & Mum of 2 who has experienced labour with empowerment and  ease. 

Prenatal Yoga  helps prepare the body for labour, gain more flexibility, helps you let go of fear, especially if you are scared of giving birth or even becoming a Mum, it is great for first time Mums, second time Mums all the way! Even if you have done or classes before it is still very very useful and a great gift you can give yourself. 

Prenatal Review from Nat Mum to be 2018 classes

Prenatal Yoga & Preparation for Birth is a priceless gift you can gift yourself.

The Signature Prenatal Yoga & Prep class experience 

  • Prenatal Yoga is designed to help support, relax the body, mind & emotions.
  • In addition Mum of 2 & Fully trained Prenatal Yoga teacher Dominique will provide you with useful tips and techniques to aid & prepare you for Birth.
  • You will learn how to work towards managing stress & pain  during Pregnancy & labour
  • Increase your energy, experience Prenatal Yoga classes for a stronger body, mind and Soul to assist in the changing body & emotions during Pregnancy.
  •  We also lead you through very helpful practices to prepare for labour with ancient yoga techniques for the 21st century. 
  • You will also have access to Meditation classes to relax and let go. if you are unable to make a Prenatal Yoga class from time to time or enjoy a combination of both experiences during the term.

I am very interested, what next? Simply purchase your class pass pack & start booking in all your classes.

Often I get asked when should I start? personally we have expecting Mums starting as early as 8 weeks, the more practice the better we say, we have heard of some AMAZING Birthing Stories (see our reviews on google at the bottom of page) 

4 Class Pass Package

Access & or book into 

  • Thurs 6:40pm Prenatal Yoga classes
  • Mon 8pm Meditation classes 
  • Tuesday 7pm Meditation  Classes 

Plus your bonus take home Gifts 

  • 150 ml bottle of Lavender essential Oil Spray for relaxing & calm at home or a better night sleep.
  • Prep Essential Oils for labour 
  • Take home notes printed out for you to use for preparation and during labour from the class experience. 
  • Access classes & book below now easily up until the 19th Sept inline with our current class schedule being offered. 

$135- BUY NOW

NO trials or Casuals 

All passes are valid to be booked in line with current weekly classes running up until Sept 19th.

No credits or refunds for any missed or un used passes.

Dominique your teacher practiced Yoga right up to 1 day before her second baby arrived. with ease.  These classes are suitable from the 12 week of pregnancy right up until 41 weeks