Prenatal Yoga Therapy & Preparation For Birth 1 day Retreat!

Feeling exhausted, suffering Insomnia, Fatigue, Neck/Lower Back Pain, maybe even a little nervous about child birth?

Would love to achieve physical & mental wellbeing in pregnancy? 

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga Retreat:

- Facilitates labor and natural birth
- Improved sleep
- Reduced stress
- Increased strength, flexibility and endurance
- Decreased lower back pain
- Decreased nausea- Better blood circulation (decreasing swellings)
- Breathwork practice calms mat

The Taylors Hill signature Prenatal Yoga & preparation for birth 1 day retreat & home Practice are here to assist in helping you towards better health & wellness.

Be Empowered! Ready with Confidence & Calm

Taylors Hill Natural Therapies & Yoga has been offering Prenatal Yoga & Preparation For Birth Courses for over 4 years, during this time we’ve learnt how to create exactly the right balance of relaxation, birth education, pampering and fun!

Your Host

Your retreat is hosted by Dominique Battensby Senior Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Mum of 2 & Spiritual Healer, who has been guiding pregnant women and their partners through the journey of pregnancy for many years.

Dominique will be facilitating the Retreat along with her Husband who will be your Chef for the day! 

Bonus Guest Visit 

Midwife of 25 years + & a student of our yoga & mediation classes has offered her time to come in and speak about EAST MEETS WEST & share her experience of birthing empowerment with you in addition to all the amazing other benefits of the course. 


Sunday March 1st 

10am to 4pm* 

6 hour 

1 DAY course Prenatal Yoga & Preparation for Birth 

Because you deserve it!

  • 10am Arrive, Gourmet Relaxing Tea introductions and overview of the day
  • 10:15am Meditation and Prenatal Yoga for deep relaxation & stress release.
  • 11:15am Morning tea, introductions and discussion about labour including natural pain management 
  • 12:30am Discussion & Practice breathing techniques and active birthing positions for labour
  • 1:15pm Lunch – Delicious Banquet Lunch plus get to know other Mums to be!
  • 2pm Restorative Prenatal Yoga (to rest and digest!) combined with a beautiful chakra meditation to help restore balance in the mind & body.
  • 3pm Gentle Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Nidra (rejuvenating yogic sleep!) 
  • 4pm Close and Departure

As well as this beautiful Retreat Day


  • - Audios to practice at home before and during Labour specifically designed to help you relax and work with your contractions with more ease. 
  • - Mini Video Practices to continue Prenatal Yoga in the comfort of your own home lead by Dominique in the Yoga Studio Sanctuary!
  • 100% Essential Oil Samples for Calm & Birthing

*Attend this course anytime from 12 weeks up to 37 weeks of your Pregnancy*
**Beginners to Yoga Welcome*


Option 2 - 1 day Retreat & Class Pack!

  • Includes full 1 day Retreat 1 March 
  • 5 passes to attend any Meditation Mondays 8pm or Restorative Yoga Wed 8pm in the studio during your Pregnancy or after during our terms.

Normally $417 

Package Special Only $367