- We have a very strict hygiene plan that will be permanent. Hand Sanister on all entries and exits in clinic, Zen Garden & Studio.

- Social Distancing Markers outside our front reception, toilet areas and Zen Garden
- 8 clients per class only - 1.5 meter distancing!

- Dominique will keep the inside of the studio extremely clean (we were any way) however in between all classes every inch of the studio floor will be cleaned and sanitiser, every door handle & storage station.

-Bolsters & blocks will be available in some classes not all and will be disinfected with spray after class by teacher.

-30 minutes between classes to allow check in check out (no cross over of classes)


**No Walk-ins all service myst be prepaid and pre booked online to attend a client.  Please be mindful in your bookings we are at reduced number of people we can serve so there is no cancellation and or reschedule.

Stay home if your sick or suspect or are being tested for COVIT 19

 You may practice online zoom live if you can't make it to classes. 

***Please Bring your own Yoga Mat & Carry Strap***

We sell equipment online on the class schedule page

Please Small Blanket to meditation for a pillow, eye pillow if you want in a closed carry bag

We care about you getting results & everyone’s needs are different!

If you do not know where to start or how often to practice visit this link! 

Booking & Cancellation policy

We understand life is busy, for this reason our clients pre purchase the class pack on line, set up an online account to manage there passes and simply book in advance during the current term or if you like to book as you go during the term you can also check the class schedule online and book even minutes before if your around the corner and wish to attend class online. 


Pass Pack Classes 

Please note any Streaming or in studio class booked/wait listed late cancelled less then 2 hours before the class or simply not showing up will count as a pass used & counted. 

All classes passes have 3 months expires now!

10 weeks of classes (weekly access & unlimited live streaming) & an extra 2 weeks for or on demand access.

A small COVIT compliance fee has been added & is now included in class packs & payment plans to support and help the studio cover all the upgrades, more space between each mat (less member access) & technology upgrades we appreciate your understanding in advance.  

Please note management have NO control over the booking system it is purely managed online by our clients in there booking account once they set up passes and a client account with the studio online only. 

Please note ultimate pass packs are not available at this time due to COVIT 19. Our class sizes have been forced to reduce by almost 45% to insure social distancing measures are honoured.

All clients may attend once a week during term and attend live studio class streaming unlimited as often as you like. 

Thank you for your understanding in advance.