Bookings system, Term & Conditions for all Class Packs & Unlimited Memberships

How long will my passes & Unlimited Access be valid for use for & or expire? 

Pre booking Term passes 

If you are purchasing a Term marked pass or pack you can use your passes anytime from October 7th up until 14 Dec inline with term 4.

If you purchase your pass during the term thats fine however your pass still expires at the same time inline with the term end.

Every term Dominique provided 10 classes per week 

Beginners up over 18 welcomed. 

Mon 6.40pm Yoga

Mon 8pm Meditation 

Tuesday 9.40am Yoga 

Tuesday 7pm Meditation 

Tuesday 8pm Yoga 

Wednesday 6.40pm Yoga 

Wednesday 8pm Yoga 

Thursday 9.40am Yoga 

Thursday 8pm Yoga 

Saturday 8am 

Plenty of choice, styles and availability. Please note Dominique is the sole teacher here to insure the highest quality and standards are kept this is the max number of classes offered in the schedule. Classes do not run over school holidays this time is for teacher development & recharging to provide the best possible class experience for students. 

Please note any class you reserve is 100% managed by you, which is great these are the benefits.

  • You get access to the class schedule from when you purchase your passes up until the end of term. 
  • 8 Yoga classes & 2 Meditation classes run weekly during term. 
  • You can reserve & attend any available class in your eligible pass pack or unlimited. 
  • If a class is showing wait list, no worries  a spot can come up anytime before the class starts up to 2 hours before. Just waitlist it. If it appears FULL it means max people have wait listed. Just look around for another class and abooked and attend that, your welcome to always come back to that date and check to see if its  available to book best bet is 1 hour before. By then if any students have canceled out and cant make it you can then easily book in and come along.
  • If you prefer to book as you go with a busy schedule any available class can be booked up to 15 minutes before it starts if your on your way.

Of course with this flexibility we do have some studio terms, 

So that we can provide adequate space for all our clients please be aware there are a few very resopinsable terms that go with class packs & Unlimited Passes.

Any class reserved that you can no longer attend must be cancelled out asap or more than 2 hours before to give another student the chance to book in to that class. Classes cancelled inside 2 hours forfeit the pass used to reserve the class.

Students on any Unlimited Membership will automatically be charge a $10 late cancellation or no show fee for any missed class or late cancellation online.. Any fee collected will go towards the Royal Children's  Hospital Appeal.

Doors open 10 minutes before class and lock strictly 2 minutes into class.

No transfers, no extension, no refunds for any reason for unused passes or unlimited passes.

Extra helpful info

Away during the term from time to time?

If you are away at any time during the term or start later than the start date of the term and or cant make a week here or there, NO WORRIES thats fine you run your class attendance as you like. There are more than enough classes running during the term.  Which also  means the clients is responsible for managing there own bookings.

No transfers, no extension, no refunds for any reason for unused passes.

Do you offer one off trials?

We do not offer one of trials or casual one off classes, this is not a Gym like studio, Dominique knows all her students by name, we get to know all our students over time & you also get a MUCH better chance to feel comfortable over a few classes then just ONE. How would one class ever be enough to know if you will LOVE our classes? It will also give you time to form a regular practice. We are serious about helping you get back on track. 

5 class minimum is the required entry level and above. 

Please note that from time to time Dominique made need cancelling a class due to illness and & or family emergency during the term.. However there will be other classes  still on the schedule you can attend  during the term & which will be available.  

Stay Connected with us


After you have purchased your class pack 

Schedule your classes in advance or last minute it’s up too you & you can do this on our free booking app


Connect to Google play store to download


Connect to Apple Store to dowload

Then sign in using your email & password you have set up when you purchased your passes & book away or on the go. 

How flexible is the booking system? 

This class system is extremely simple and easy to use if you manage your classes, set reminders for bookings & or even book 100% just before the class starts when you know you will make the class even just minutes before the class starts. There is enough classes, there is no reason you cant get to MANY Classes and enjoy the full benefits of the studio.