I am unsure if I can do Yoga or Meditation?

Our classes cater for minimum 18 years & above for beginners up and all levels of experience. Variations are provided and we are happy for you to go at your own pace.

Always check with your health care provider either way before returning or starting a physical activity if you are unsure if Yoga & or Meditation classes are right for you. 

Class info & Etiquette

What do I wear?

Wear comfy work out wear


Enjoying classes with out distracting scents like BODILY ODOUR, PERFUMES or AFTER SHAVE & or SMOKERS SCENT is very important in a group class environment.


It is reasonability of our students to be respectful of others around them and wear low scented perfumes or none at all during class.

For smokers please refrain from smoking in the clothes your wearing to our classes & also refrain from smoking an hour before.

Body cleanliness - please insure that your bodily odours are managed with appropriate low scented deodorant for the comfort for all students.  

What do I bring with me?

Nothing except an open mind and heart. 

This is a boutique studio which means we take complete care of you. 

Mats are already laid out, hygienically fresh and clean with blocks, blankets etc.

Blocks and straps are provided.

When should I arrive if I am pre booked?

– Arrive at least ten minutes before class to get comfy doors lock strictly on the schedule start.

– Observe silence in the yoga room – No personal belongings in the yoga room other than water and a towel – No phones in the yoga room

What should I do with my belongings 

-Please switch off phones & leave all personal items including car keys in the storage cupboards out side in the undercover Zen Garden space before entering  –  no glass water bottles  – 

During class what is expected of me?

To get the maximum benefits out of your class experience please listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions – You may lie down at any time to rest, but commit to staying in the room for the whole class – Allow yourself at least 6 or so classes plus to become familiar with the movements

Please whisper near the zen Garden, and silence once in the studio room.

We care about you getting results & everyone’s needs are different!

If you do not know where to start or how often to practice visit this link! 


We understand life is busy, for this reason our clients pre purchase the class pack on line, set up an online account to manage there passes and simply book in advance during the current term or if you like to book as you go during the term you can also check the class schedule online and book even minutes before if your around the corner and wish to attend class online. 


Pass Pack Classes 

Please note any class booked/wait listed late cancelled less then 2 hours before the class or simply not showing up will count as a pass used & counted. 

Ultimate Term Members & Payment Plan Members 

A $10 late cancellation fee will automatically charged if your on a ultimate membership.

No unused or missed class passes once purchased can be refunded, credited or transferred for any reason. 

All classes passes expire at the end of its current term, no exceptions. 

With 11 weekly classes for clients on yoga & meditation combo passes or ultimate

1 weekly classes for clients on mediation only passes or ultimate

Please note management have NO control over the booking system it is purely managed online by our clients in there booking account once they set up passes and a client account with the studio online only.