If you have ever suffered high levels of stress, depressions, racing mind, uncontrolled thoughts, sleeping issues, anger issues or just find it hard to relax. This might be just right for you.

You will learn:
Breathing techniques to help you relax instantly.
Learn ancient yogic techniques to relax a busy mind.
Learn techniques to connect with higher, divine energies and much more
Learn Mantras & Chants for sound healing therapy 
Learn the Twin Hearts Meditation that is practiced weekly in our popular Meditation group.
Create wishes and goals that can help you get closer to and or achieve by practicing Meditation. 
Our classes are designed for adult 18 years & up 
Beginners welcome mindfullness

Once you have purchased your pass, you can simply start booking into any class you wish to attend - we run classes Monday’s 8pm & Tuesday’s 7pm durung term 1.

I am very interested!

2 Week Unlimited Meditation & or Yoga -Taster

The 10 class pass is the best value & we recommend this if you wish to enjoy a regular  practice during the entire term, however if you have your heart set on a trial first you may access this pass first and book into either Meditation classes & or Yoga classes for up to 14 days to see if you will love the classes.

Meditation 5 Class Pass

A great pass if you only have time to practice once a week or fortnight. 

Meditation 10 class pack

+ Bonus Infrared Sauna Session $60.00

A great pass if you have time to practice around once a week & possibly twice a week

Meditation class schedule