Fertility & Womens Health

If you are suffering from our having any of these issues our treatments may be just what you need. 

  • I feel very stressed out, tired, overworked & out of balance

  • I have started trying for a baby and its been 3 months or more still nothing?

  • I have suffered misscarriages or a loss and feel very scared, negative or fearful of trying again.

  •  I am currently in IVF cycles and would either like techniques to help me relax and assist in this journey.

  • Suffer with severe mood swings associated with menstraul cycles

  • Suffer with Endometriosis or Polcystic Ovarian Syndrome or other Womens health related issues. 

How does it work for me?

Dominique will set out a very detailed plan & combination of Spiritual healing sessions, Yoga therapy for fertiltiy and relaxing home practices to move towards better health and wellness & assist in better chances in succesfully starting or continue to create a family.
Usually recommend 1 treatment once per week for 6 weeks combining, fertilty/ women’s health yoga, one on one, spiritual healing  & for trauma, loss grief spiritual healing.
Initial Consultation 30 minute investment $79 

Follow up sessions spiritual healing 30 minutes $79 

or combination yoga for fertility or women’s health & spiritual healing 60 minute session $155

Please search below for a time that suits you.