Why come in for just cupping? 

Cupping is a great therapy to use on it's own for a number of reasons. It can be helpful with: 

- Breaking up lung congestion 

- Loosening tight back muscles

- Releasing toxins from the body

- Relaxation (As it provides a massage experience by pulling the muscle up vs pushing the muscle in)

- Promoting healthy circulation (Almost anybody who sits in front of a computer all day for work could use this

Treatment will aslo inlcude hot towels therapy with essential oils for deeper relaxation.

  30 minutes - $59

Cupping Therapy is contraindicated in all the following condition is not suitable during this time if you have any of the following open wounds, Inflamed or infected tissue bleeding injuries (external as wells internal) over a fracture and to a grade iii muscle or ligament sprain , as well as in complete tendon rupture and Pregnancy. 

Client Say!

Absolutely amazing! I have cupping, gliding cupping and massage on my back every 3 weeks. My back feels less tense, tight and painfree. Always sleep amazingly well afterwards. Extremely relaxing and soothing. Would definitely recommend!